I see you’ve decided to try and find out a little bit more “About me” Well My name is Tshawn AKA Tashonda. I live in Columbus Ohio but am from Troy Ohio.  I am 28 years old and have 2 daughter’s.  My girls are 7 yo. and 3 yo.

My thought’s get to flowing and it feels like my brain is going to explode so I keep journals/Diaries.  So far I have 11 journals 6 of which are finished. I type about 58-64wpm so I thought, Why don’t I start a blog?? I have a good following on facebook as well which contributed to the thought 🙂  I let my thoughts flow straight onto the fresh page and read and re-read it before I post to make sure it makes sense and I’ve never cared who DOESN’T like or agree with what I have to say , though I take criticism well,  I love to see just one person that’s listening or watching and enjoying my posts.

So Welcome, my friends, To my thoughts .. Straight through my fingertips , to be ingested by your eyes and judged by your thoughts!

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