I see you’ve decided to try and find out a little bit more “About me” Well My name is Tashonda. I live in Columbus Ohio but am from Troy Ohio. I partly grew up in Xenia, Ohio. I am 28 years old and have 2 daughters.  My girls are 8 yo. and 3 yo.

My thought’s get to flowing and it feels like my brain is going to explode so I keep journals/Diaries.  So far I have 11 journals, 6 of which are finished. I type about 58-64 words per minute, so I thought, Why don’t I start a blog?? I let my thoughts flow straight onto the fresh page and read and re-read it before I post to make sure it makes sense.  I’ve never cared who DOESN’T like or agree with what I have to say, though I take criticism well,  I love to see just one person that’s listening or watching and enjoying my posts.

So Welcome, my friends, To my thoughts .. Straight through my fingertips, to be ingested by your eyes and judged by your thoughts!


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