Trials and Tribulations of Creating a new life.

I’ve been wanting to post my journey through the hell of pregnancy, Childbirth, and Recovery just for the simple fact that it’s AMAZING! At the same time it’s tough, and really hard on us women.  I know, I know, I’m sure it’s hard on men too – financially stressful and dealing with a woman’s truly crazy emotions, but for women?? O god.. Where do I begin?

Morning sickness?? The first 4 months I was SICK , when I say sick I mean, anything you can think of made me SICK! The simple smells of , tobacco, grease, many different types of food, dirty clothes, My kid’s dad’s B.O. scent or bad breath.  I couldn’t brush my teeth too early in the morning because it would trigger my gag reflex and I’m sure a bit on the mental side as well …there goes breakfast ! Talk about being mad!!  Once I would figure out a food that I could keep down and to get sick for whatever reason, It was so upsetting!!..To be hungry for hours because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to eat, or what sounded good and then to finally eat and throw up ?! The process starts all over !!!

The Morning sickness was so bad that I stuck with marijuana as my choice of relief which completely relieved the nausea and helped me WANT to eat, not to mention cook and crave! So the healthy weight started to pile on.  I ended up gaining 58 lb’s giving birth at a whopping 201 lbs.  You see, I’m used to being miss skinny minnie at 130-145 lbs so that number right there ..shocked me! Fortunately I gave birth to a healthy 7lb 13 oz baby girl , alive as could be ! and smiling in the first 24 hours!

Throughout the pregnancy I struggled with my emotions.  Try talking to your SO in a normal tone about a normal matter that you didn’t even know you felt so passionately about until you burst into tears trying explain to him how important the matter is to you .  The poor guy is lookin at me puzzled as to why I’m screaming, shouting and crying about lack of toilet paper or why i can’t leave the house because I have NOTHING TO WEAR!!! (Hey .. During pregnancy toilet paper is a pretty high necessity on that list to go to the store)

This baby stayed head down thee entire pregnancy!! I didn’t get my first ultra sound and doctor’s visit until I was around 24 weeks.. I know I know, Neglect right? No!!! I hate doctor’s ..and the first 20 weeks are pointless to see a doctor unless your worried about something, and since i’d been pregnant before I knew that there are only a few signs to look for to be worried about (Blood, Cramping )..Anyways..She stayed head down and HEAVILY TOO .. Seemed like I was peeing allllll the time! How annoying!

Don’t let me get started on baby’s movements that are o so cute to watch and attempt to get your camera out and record her kickin and jumpin around inside your belly In the first 6 months.. After that Hiccups, and Continuous popping movements that keep you up at 2am aren’t so cute -_- Don’t get me wrong I still loved watching her do somersaults and hand stands and shit from time to time but most of the time it got pretty tiresome.

Now I will say that the best sleep I can say I’ve ever had was being pregnant.. It could even only be 10-30 minute power naps and I’d wake up so refreshed and energized.  Just a wee bit hard to get Situated comfortably once that belly got to be so heavy .. O so heavy.  It got hard trying to simply flip over, It was like trying to jump a hurdle in bed at NO speed LOL! My SO would laugh at the compromises I would make just to stand up, Sit down, roll over, Get out of bed ..Get into bed ! 7-9 mos. were the most uncomfortable time periods of my LIFE!

After 4 months of continuous sickness I was finally able to eat what I wanted , when I wanted without worrying about getting sick, The cravings!! :)(I craved mustard..on everything and sweets)  And at that point my stomach was up underneath my ribs so if i ate TOO much, then I couldn’t BREATHE! and the indigestion was unbareable.. Try having the urge to BELCH and instead just keep having these random little air bubble like burps that relieve NOTHING~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I thank god only went through one episode of heartburn because that was 10 times worse… And with all these symptoms there’s Nothing you can do but endure it and COUNT DOWN to the due date…

Now the due date, This random day that the doctors determined was an approximate guess of when this baby should come .. well it comes..and it goes.. and another day passes.. and another day passes and I’m still pregnant?!? You can imagine the pure frustration just the thought of finally having my body back, sleeping on my belly? or however the hell i wanted !  To see her face ! This little angel has been occupying and controlling most of my emotions and physical senses for 9 months!  An entire 40 weeks and ..She’s not here yet!!? It was like a panic search for ways I could ..lets just say .. Help her on out 🙂

I refused to try the whole castor oil thing because I heard about the massive diarrhea attacks it causes, and possible shitting while giving birth (which I dreaded..) I tried excersising..but my lazy ass couldn’t get up and do jumping jacks, squats, stretches and shit every day?!!I felt so heavy!!

I tried Raspberry tea ? One night, I had read that it starts contractions and helps open the cervix, so I drank like 8 cups haha.. back to back ..I was desperate… Still nothing …This baby was COMFORTABLEEE!!

I had my doctor strip my membranes at 39 weeks and nothing.. Finally we scheduled Induction for 40 wks and 3 days ..I know I know Some women actually stick it out the whole 42 ..Well I’ll say it! I’M a pussy when it comes to pregnancy I DIDN’T WANT TO GO ANOTHER DAY!!!!! I was done! slap an eviction notice on my belly … GET HER OUT! haha.

We go to the hospital at 10:30 am on a sunday morning I believe and My Mom-In-Law wanted to be with my eldest daughter to keep her occupied while this all happened ..None of us really thinking about how an induction is like an 8-24 sometimes 48 hour process.  She decided to stay for a few hours with my daughter but we ended up waiting nearly 3 hours to even get back to a room to START the process, so you can imagine the irritation coming off of me in the waiting room with a bored 4 yr old, a sincerely patient mom in law and a nervous SO.. (heehee..thinkin back on it .. it is kinda funny 🙂

The Induction process starts ..   They get me hooked up to an IV that’s giving me pitocin, (to induce labor contractions make them stronger) And fluid , They also wrap two monitors around my belly to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and to monitor my contractions. The drugs are kicking in and talk about pain .. Feels like menstrual cramps times 2500 !! This time around I’m taking it well though.  Closing my eyes and imagining this beautiful beach with a bikini on where you can no longer see my stretch marks – maybe 25 years from now with two beautiful kids at home enjoying life without their parents being home .. Why ? Idk ! ITis my happy place (the future).

Breathing slow and hard .. All the while my Kids dad is on our laptop trying to distract himself from the pain he can see in my face knowing he is helpless to make me feel any better. We hit 4 cm and the nurse asked if I’d like to prepare for the epidural .. I said No at first because with my oldest daughter I waited , I endured the pain which turned out to be smart she came out in like 15 minutes after 8 hours of hard labor ! I caved after a few more strong contractions only a few minutes apart so she started to pump a bag and a half of fluid into me -_- (which later made my feet and hands and legs swell beyond belief )  The fluid or hormones or WHATEVER made m shake really bad, Like a vibrator would? Yeah.. Like i was having seizures every few minutes..

My SO at this point is beyond worried, basically yelling at me to stop it ! LOL He didn’t know  what was going on..I specifically remember him saying “At least talk to me while you do that so i know your ok ” Honey.. I can’t talk to you right now I’m busy feeling like my ass is falling off and my belly is being sucked through my vagina (i know sorry for that visual  but its real..)

They finally make him leave while the nurse that does the anesthesia came in with 2 other nurses to give me my epidural.  By this time the pain has increased and I’m extremely uncomfortable.  They put the hospital bed up so that my back is eye level with her and the scary LONG, BIG needle she has to force into my spine.  The minute she started to push that thing into my back all sorts of different pains started.  Including in my side, my left or right leg I can’t remember.  My face was covered in snot and tears.  Evidentially I was also going through several strong contractions while trying to sit curled up and breathe as possibly still as I could be.

Maybe a few minutes later I finally started to feel relief, Of course they had to do all of their checks and get the catheter going which is nice i might tell you haha.  Shooot draggin all those fluids around with you to the bathroom is the last thing you wanna be doing while in that type of pain.

Hours and Hours are going by and I’m slowly but surely making it to 10 Cm..They have me flipping over from side to side to try and make progress and each time her heart was dropping.  My SO was watching as a nervous father his childs mother in extreme pain, and His child’s heartbeat do flip flops ( I of course had no idea what was going on, I was in a drugged out stuper by this time)  The drugs eventually started wearing off to the point I could pretty much feel everything but was unable to actually move my legs and my body because it was so heavy! Like dead weight !!

Finally I make it to 10 cm and they make me “practice push” for maybe 20 minutes until the baby’s head crowned to call my doctor -_- I pretty much started cussing the nurses out at that point because I was READY TO PUSH HER OUT and they were talkin about i had to wait until the doctor got there?? Um You shouldn’t have had me start pushing then!!!!!!!

My daughter arrives, Happiest moment, I can’t EVEN explain the overwhelming tears of joy I had after hearing her take her first breath and then scream.   And actually ..she continued to scream for a long time after that.  You see , we discovered day 1 that my youngest daughter is going to be an extreme drama queen and once she’s upset about whatever it is she’s upset about she will not be coaxed to calm down until she has it! So the first month was rough, to say the least.

Recovery was almost as bad as labor because of how long the pain lasted.  I opted to breastfeed meaning that the cramping of my uterus shrinking back down to the size of a apple would happen much quicker and much more painful.  After lots of practice and patience I have been successfully breastfeeding my LO for 2 months now 🙂

The hospital is to provide you with all the necessities to take care of yourself for a week or so, with my oldest daughter I had plenty of stuff to go home with.. This time around ..Not so much. You see, At the hospital they had me on pain meds heavy , Motrin every 3 hours, Narco’s every 6 hours , Ibuprofin every few hours as well, and when i went home they just told me to go get Ibuprofen which didn’t HELP the pain AT ALL!!! They sent me home with a few pads and like 3 ice packs -_- The ice packs are to help the swelling down there which are the BEST pain reliever they have ! ..Ice ?? Down there?? Omg ..Though it only lasted for about 25 minutes it was a great reliever.

It took about 5 weeks to fully recover and boy was it nice to walk around the house ..1. Not pregnant 2. Not in pain  and 3. Not hungry or having to pee all the time 🙂 At the end of this journey of 9 months of Sickness, Harsh smells and the pull of sleepiness all the time.. and another month of recovery I now have an amazing 2 month old baby girl 🙂 She’s got the most beautiful smile I dreamt about when i was pregnant and since she sleeps all the time it’s given me time to pull myself together!!


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