My Candle shop dreams

Recurring Candle shop dreams

For the last few years I’ve been struggling with ideas of how on earth I’m going to make it to the successful point in my life i planned on being. You know, The point where your on your way to guarenteed comfortable retirement in the islands somewhere with a comfortable bank account worth sending plenty of gifts home to the kids , so on so forth. Well during this stressful time period , which is still happening lol I started having this reaccuring dream of owning my own candle shop?
I know nothing about candles other than I love them! I love shopping for them and I made one in highschool I believe. Anyways.. I keep thinking about this dream I’m having.. Could I open up my own candle shop and actually be successful? Is this a message from god telling me this is my ticket to the good life? Of course.. I didn’t plan on it being my only success.. I’d love to publish a book or two. Don’t ask me about what because I have absolutely NO clue :/.
The thought Of owning my own small business with 1 or 2 employee’s. A keepsake shop … a “change with the holidays” kinda shop… makes me feel so anxious and excited for the future. Who know’s where I’ll be in 10 years..
I might be a candle shop owner and a published author ! ! Watch out world ..Here come’s Tshawn!!

candle_queen_candles_shop-300x199 images (19) Cereria-Subira images (18) images (17) images (16) Roach German Christmas Market 1960s126Color_CandleShop Candle_Shop candleshop

The dreams are now a reality in my mind.  I’m so anxious to get started, So many idea’s to pursue.  I could have my own line and work with other company’s I like to sell their candles at my shop, I could turn it into a franchise once I make a profit.  I’m so excited!

Both my SO and I have dreams to pursue, and we’re taking steps in the right direction learning about finances, investments, asset’s vs. liability and it just makes my candleshop dream that much more possible.  I’m ready to be successful, I’m ready to be good at something! I hope you’ll join me through my journey to success.


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