Things you may want to know about life before you turn 25.


I was just sitting here thinking about the dead skin cells that acquire on our sheets, in the shower, on the floor ..The bacteria IN GENERAL..  But then I thought.. If I didn’t know what I know about all the dirtiness in my house would I be more comfortable taking a shower without washing the tub after my daughter has taken a bath and my SO a shower?  Or would I just be a more disgusting person?

You see, I am a very clean person.. I honestly pick up around my house 2 to 3 times a day.  My poor daughter :/ .. Once she becomes bored after piling all of her toys (“her kids” she calls them) up in the middle of the room and can’t find anything else to play with, I advise that she should clean her room up (1 to 2 times a day)  And once a week or two or three, depending on how annoyed I feel with the unorganized tubs and buckets full of stuffed animals, barbies, dirty clothes, missing socks, DVD’s, Books and not to mention random pointy toys that have no homes but to prick me in the foot as I come in to simply pick out her clothes.  

Don’t even get me started on sanitizing kids toys? I mean if the bacteria and whatever is in my kitchen sink, or bathroom tub .. or even the corner in the ceiling with a small spider web why have we survived so long?  What about the hoarders, and the people who don’t clean ever? Yet I seem to feel like i need to clean and really don’t clean enough or well enough.  I just started thinking that maybe worrying about it just enough keep my family safe, but is it really necessary to worry about how much bacteria survives in our sheets, and kitchen sink?  

I’m sorry but I read a post the other day explaining all of this junk about bacteria and honestly it’s been on my mind a lot ! I don’t have an in home laundry situation and it’s COLD outside.  With a 2 month old baby and a 4 year old, between the dirty diapers, messy clothes, daily baths, messy meals, and then you get to the hubby! Who has already explained to me that I do have thee role of motherhood and wifehood.. I am expected to cook, clean, work, and take care of the kids 🙂 Only in so many words of course.  He love’s me though and I really don’t mind but cleaning up after 3 kids and then worrying about EXTRA hard scrubbing type cleaning makes me want to go hop in bed and sleep !!  

Don’t get me wrong.. I cleaned the crap out of this apartment when we moved in.. Wait.. That was because I was 8 months pregnant and nesting LOL! Nevertheless I cleaned the crap “scrubbin style” and boy I tell ya.. It was filthy!  

Ok moving on .. I remember my mom trying to call me off the couch to come help her cook “You better come learn how to cook before you get out on your own and don’t know how!!” She would say.  I was about 12 maybe, when I stopped being interested in “Mom’s duties”.  As young girls we don’t even think about all the things our mom has gone through and will go through just for us.  Well I am now 25 and JUST NOW learning how to do many things one of which is grocery shop,(Don’t do this by the way on the 1st -5th of the month for safety and sanity purposes) and that’s after having to be completely and entirely broke but having a few things in the cabinet and being able to throw some things together.  Not to mention being pregnant and having to eat 3 to 5 times a day..Hey..When that baby wanted to eat I FED HER! and I still do ..Thus why she is so chubby 🙂 Love my chubby baby. !



Anyways, Thus saying, I have JUST NOW started to learn how to cook and grocery shop.  I bought a Green pepper for the first time this week 🙂 and Garlic and an onion , with complete intent on using them.  I’ve been looking at recipes and actually remembering them while in the grocery store.  Where the first year I moved out when I was 18 and I swear we have survived on Processed Chicken nuggets, French fries, Pizza rolls, Hot pockets, Pizza ..Etc since.  I always wondered why  I had so many health issues and truly I can say it’s been our diet..When i say our I mean my SO and I .. If I don’t cook what he want’s he just goes to a fast food joint which sure as shit isn’t good!! 

I started grocery shopping in the frozen food aisle ..Now I shop in the canned goods and healthy foods aisles.  I can’t fault my mom ! She tried to teach me! Sometimes I wish I was the fortunate male that gets to come home from work , actually sit down and get on the computer or turn on the tv and wait on dinner to come strolling through the door and on her way back out she picks up all my dirty laundry I just dropped to the floor as if magical fairies would come and organize my boots and clothes and any trash that came out of my pockets 😉  Things in life you just get used to because of love.  

That kids really are cute …but not all the time! Through the dramatic screams from my 2 month old for no damn reason and the continuous talks of Godzilla, Pony’s and what she wants for christmas from my 4 soon to be 5 year old daughter’s I can be the one to tell you .. It’s no walk in the park! Not to mention this new attitude she’s putting on in front of mommy and rarely daddy.  I thank god all the time I have him because I know that’s why I was HELL to my mom.. There was no connection for a dad and I only looked to her for control and to tell me what to do and once she couldn’t do that.. I walked all over her (I’m not proud to say )  My girls can’t do that 🙂 Not only because he’s around but ..boy .. I won’t speak on that 

No matter how cute they are .. Once you become a parent, there is NO more alone time (for mommy at least ) Even if you’re not hungry, You still have to feed SOMEBODY.  Sure you can go a few days without cleaning the house or bathing but everyone else..they can’t wait and it has to be done.  



NEXT ! If you pick a 8 or 9 to 530 schedule at a job in Columbus Ohio no matter what the location traffic is HELL.  And if you want to keep your job you probably shouldn’t pick one that’s too far from home.  Gas prices vs. Traffic are HELL in this city.  Go to one side of town and the gas prices are nearly 20 cent difference from the other side of town.  Try driving to work running late because the baby needed a diaper last minute, the 4 yr old needs her shoes tied , you forgot your lunch and your wallet (this is my SO we’re talking about here.. this happens all too often)  and finally once everyone’s in the car and driving up the road, it’s sit still traffic on the freeway -_-  People can’t drive here when there’s snow or rain IN SIGHT..and I say in sight because they drive cautious no matter what!

Now, If you can’t tell , I have a lead foot (as my driving instructor told me) and road rage.  I can’t stand driving in Columbus but if I had anything to tell you people it would be to AVOID all traffic .. Drive on the freeway during off hours and during prime time FIND ANOTHER WAY!  My mom taught me to find country routes and alternate routes and I’m pretty good at finding my way around the city now that I’ve worked and lived on every single side of town.  

Ok so..Relationship wise..If he won’t change ..LEAVE ! If he love’s you He’ll figure that shit  out! We have been on and off, UP and DOWN , Together and NOT together.  As I say each time I talk about my relationship, I have no clue what the future holds, but we work well together.  But the times when it was bad I had to remind him that I am a strong, Independent woman and I can pay the bills on my own, I don’t need his money I just want his love, affection, attention and protection.  I’m a strong believer that women should pay attention to who they lay down with because each and every person you lay down with could possibly be the father of your kids and that is forever!  Even if you don’t LET him be a father, That thought, will be with you forever.  And just because your kids are little , they won’t forget, they will remember some things that you will think they won’t.  

Every thing you do from the minute you conceive is for your babies.  Someday they may have the balls to ask you about things you thought they wouldn’t remember.  

Don’t wear stiletto’s to interviews or even to work.  It’s not cute.. everyone whose in the office comfortable with tennis shoes, boots or sandals on are making fun of you whether they tell you you look cute or not.  Now I’m not saying comfortable heels aren’t a  good way to add some sex appeal to your office look but .. stiletto’s, pumps .. No!  

Cars aren’t just a car note.. They are an oil change, tune up, brakes, head lights, wind shield wipers, tail lights , wind shield wiper fluid, registration, insurance, drivers license ..AND THIS IS JUST KEEP UP ON THE CAR ! The oil change depends on how much you drive but boy I tell ya what ! We drive so much in Columbus living on the east side , mom in law’s on the south side and all of our friends are on the north side!     So I need an oil change every month or so driving upwards 3,000 miles.  Oh and he works daily southeast side.  So if your going to get a car, Be prepared for more than just a car note.

If you start out paying your bills on time you’ll never have to worry.  But you can go up to 3 months without paying your utilities before they cut them off and it really should NEVER get to that point.  Through your 20’s your going to need to borrow money that won’t be returned , if it is returned it will be later in your thirties unfortunately this is the way life works.  I couldn’t tell you how much money i regrettably owe my mother! or Grandparents! If your the type to loan money to someone or let them hold anything .. Just know before hand that you won’t be getting it back.. I also let my good friends borrow clothes and things of mine that I loved, I’ll never see those things again 😦 Hey ! I’m relaying the message! Take notes!

Drink WATER ! I have had to mentally psyche myself out about water. It’s really not tasty, Sometimes I crave it but I tell myself that our bodies are pretty much water and it’s extremely important! Also my SO put it like this ” Water is the only thing that can quench your thirst, that’s why pop, and juice goes down so easily because the only thing that can actually make you no longer thirsty is water” Which refreshed my mind.. If your drinking too much of something other than water, your probably thirsty as shit.. and need water ..not more of what’s not working!

If your broke, and hurting GOOGLE your symptoms and holistic remedies once you know what’s wrong with you. I guarantee it’s way better to get to know your body from a holistic level so you can cure yourself with holistic remedies.  Whether it be a chest cold, a fever, cough, runny nose, achey body, boils, pimples, dry skin, headaches ..etc.  I learned the hard way what life is like without healthcare but now I keep Tea, Honey, Tea tree oil, Vitamin C, L-Lysin , Zinc , and asidophilus   vitamins on hand for several different remedies.  

DON’T turn on your heat or your air conditioner and leave it on.  TURN Off as many lights and tv’s that aren’t being uses as you can, UNPLUG everything that’s not being used in the kitchen. IF you do have a washer and dryer UNPLUG IT when its’ not in use.. This will benefit you on your electric bill HUGELY! 

You HAVE to prepare for the future whether you like it or not! You will get old someday and your kids will need you just as much as they needed you when they were babies just in a different way.  GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER NOW! 

That’s all I can think of for now … Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 


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