Mindless Thoughts

After creating this blog I have experienced something extreme.. Something compelling and completely time-consuming at the same time.  You see , after writing on my own time for most of my life (For as long as I can remember) I always had these moments where I would think about punch lines or starting thoughts of things I could write down In my diary and then would completely brush them off and decide to NOT sit down and write.  Evidently this could be considered to be Writer’s block.. I never go very long without writing and am usually disappointed in myself for the time’s I don’t sit down to write after a big event or something that I truly would have loved to have documented with key points and details.

After reading through many different blogs, trying to get to know  the blog world and what I’m getting myself into I decided that I am much like many other people, when it seemed like in my little world I was the only one! I was the only one to write my thoughts down and have moments where I regretted NOT writing or not being able to write words down for a brief moment.  OK I mean… I Knew there were other people who wrote , duh, but I am so excited to get to know everyone and read everyone’s different styles.

Dammit, Was I just talking to myself.. I think I was just talking to myself, First off I’d just like you to know I’m NOT crazy, I just have crazy tendencies.  I talk to myself ALL THE TIME.. Look , before you judge just know, I’m home 24 hours a day , 7 days a week, including weekends and not to mention lovely holidays with my 4-year-old and my 2 month old.  I do not currently own a phone as a week after I came home from the hospital with my newborn Si’Aunna I accidentally slung my already problematic retarded smart phone violently into the wall.  The only source of communication is this here laptop and not to mention the godsend Clear wireless internet.  My 4-year-old is the only witness to me talking to myself.  Sometimes she’ll be sitting  in the damn back seat when i get goin and asks who I’m talkin to… I just non nonchalantly act like I have NO clue what she’s talking about.

My poor guy comes home from work only to be bombarded with constant inconsistent conversation about random bullshit I’ve been thinking about all day.  After 2 or 3 hours I start to notice how inconsiderate I’m being considering he’s on the computer and probably reading something and paying me no attention. He just lets me talk.. Sometimes I get mad that he’s not listening but most times I just stop talking in mid sentence and go get my journal!

When I can’t talk, my mind gets full and when my mind gets full I feel crazy, so I have to LET IT OUT somehow.  Journalism was my ultimate choice.  I actually rather enjoy letting my thoughts flow straight through my fingertips into visual format so I can actually read my cleverness! haha This morning and every now n then I go on a Facebook status frenzy which I’m sure my friends just love. Sometimes it’s clever, sometimes it’s interesting, most times it’s something to try and help everyone smile like I did or thought they would.


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