You never really know what 24/7 means until you become a parent.  And really, I mean a mom, considering MOST dads, NOT ALL , but most dad’s get the advantage of escaping dirty diaper changes, feeding’s (including cooking or even just pouring a bowl of cereal), Taxi Duty (picking up and dropping off kids) middle of the night freakout’s.. and many more.

While growing up as a girl at that, we played with baby dolls imagining being just like our mommy who is, of course, amazing at the age of 4 to 7. Barbie dolls, Imagining that we’re all grown up and living a soap opera type life with all the drama of fighting and shopping and creating our own little worlds. We could never dream that being a mother would be so complicated.

When I say complicated I do mean hard.  I would like to sit here and deny that it’s hard to stay at home with 2 kids 24 hours a day ..7 day’s a week with little communication with the outside world other than your laptop in a silent room.  To say that it’s easy to make sure everyone around you is not suffering from hunger, or cold toes, fingers or noses, don’t forget boredom! trying to create a world of imagination for your kid to remain occupied for more than 10 minutes would be foolish, to say the least.

I enjoy being a mother do NOT get me wrong, I love all the little moment’s like catching my 4-year-old standing on one of her child size chairs in front of her baby sister’s crib singing and acting like she’s reading books that she’s memorized from when I read them to her.

You can never get back this time…these years, these small faces with chubby kissable cheeks and feet that don’t stink, conversations that make no sense and barely any attitude at all, Sweet times that she wants to cuddle and play with my hair.  I know, from being a teenager myself ..that this won’t last.

I mean C’mon I have 2 GIRLS! oh I savor every moment looking into their eye’s knowing that someday they will grow up and have their own personalities, ideas, and dreams. 24/7 my love’s … is one complicated task ..I am a mom to admit that I need a job, 5-8 hours away from my family.

There’s something so important about social life for me, actually seeing and connecting and conversing with people on a day to day basis.  I love my kids but boy, You don’t know 24/7 until you have DONE IT… literally… I can’t imagine what the mom’s feel like who have more than 2 under the age of 7!

I try not to dwell on the future of my rebellious kids but because I have vivid memories of hormonal unrealistic fights with my mother and her screaming at me “JUST WAIT! You’ll have a daughter someday and you will understand!” And I used to disrespectfully scream back at her “NO  I WON’T !!! I’M NOT HAVING KIDS  LIKE YOU !!!” Luckily I already recognize and know what I’m in for and can’t wait to look back and use my diaries as guides on how to deal with my crazy hormonal alien that’s abducted my once beautiful sweet baby girl(S).

Again, I don’t know what the future holds but I do have an idea.

When I talk to my mom today about what I go through she just tells me that she went through the SAME thing with me, Except for she was alone completely (my kids have a dad who has been there since day one and will NEVER leave my girls) She had to go through these 24/7 day’s with me and then my baby brother for 20 years! Only thing that would be different from me and her are that this 24/7 may sometimes be a hassle and a bother, but even once 20 years comes and goes, I want to be around forever.

The moment’s never end.. And it only takes maybe 10  years after they graduate to get married and have kids, so BOOM… grandparent hood – Don’t be mad at me for my timeline. I accidentally plan my life in an approximate timeline. It only took me 2 years after high school to get pregnant and have a baby as my mom had me at 22 years old and then was married by 26/27ish…

Well, I was just reflecting on my current 24/7 FULL-TIME MOM situation, Working a part time job at a fancy furniture store as a stock room merchandising associate while taxiing my kids around, being with them all day, breastfeeding ..And that’s it.

Does it sound easy? Cuz it’s not. But we do what we have to do because the golden years are coming, not to mention you want to try your best to raise some little angels, not heathens so I’d rather have them with me than ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD!!!! ..and this goes for eternity… forever.

Signed.. The loving, protective mother 🙂


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