Baby #2

Today I am 24 weeks pregnant with my second child.  We don’t know the sex yet and i think that makes it more fun to watch when my belly starts gettting kicked and punched around.  Pregnancy for the first time was such an odd , unfamiliar experience but the second time around it’s almost like completely natural.  Like being a pro at being pregnant if you will. 

At 24 weeks I now weigh somewhere around 163 lbs.  Started out at a weight of 143 lbs.  This baby moves mostly at night but its fun when it starts movin around during the day so i can watch.  It’s been moving since about 16 wks. None of my clothes fit at this point i’m having trouble even fitting my shirts.  This time around i made sure i put away all my cute clothes so i wouldn’t dare TRY to stretch them out like i did with my daughter. 

I have cottage cheese legs already and my belly button is FINALLY starting to poke out :).

I remember when i was excited when my belly button poked out with my first.  this time around you’d think i’d be extremely comfortable and happy. But i will say that i am in more control of my emotions this time around.  I could just kill my SO (significant other) on a daily basis but he doesn’t know that, which is why i get so offended once i do have a breakdown with tears and all and he says that i do it all the time >:/ .  

MEN just don’t understand pregnancy.. but i will say at least some women get the good men that TRY to understand by reading books, and rubbing the belly and feeling the baby move.  Mine… almost is stand off ish with pregnancy.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m so thankful for at least having a child’s father that is AROUND now ‘a’days that I try not to wish he were someone he is not.


2 thoughts on “Baby #2

  1. 4 yrs and 3 mos here and expecting the 2nd. I commend you for having at least a positive outlook on your man’s existence around your pregnancy, which is ultimately the best thing. However, it is tough when you don’t have the “good men” who try and read books and rub your belly. Because really this experience is best enjoyed by 2. Worst of all, when your man refuses to be intimate with you because of the fear of the 2nd little person inside of you. Nothing changed with your soul, if anything, you need this emotional fence to lean on more than ever, need that emotional connection to validate that you could not have possible done this by yourself.
    Take it easy, wish we could have a mani/pedi session together! lol.

    • Girl !!!! This was a draft from last year ! Im so glad you responded. I ended up ending the relationship after continued … Not caring events continued and now i feel stronger then ever !! I appreciate your feedback Kathy !! 🙂

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