People keep asking how I’m doing , One time I went ahead and posted to facebook “I’m doing just damn fine!”

They care, they worry and they have no idea what I’m going through.  They also have no idea what I’ve already been through, they cannot see the mud on my knee’s from how long I’ve been walking through  these trenches as if the mud is my hometown streets.   I have learned how to deal with this same scenario.

I am building from the ground up, I have to find and do everything brand new.

I am a Virgo… I don’t really let shit hold me down for long, at the end of the day , all of my stuff is gone, but I have never been materialistic and I already had plans on being WAY AHEAD OF THE GAME … I’m not going to be SET back by this!!! This if anything this is more of a Fresh start.

It literally is a new year, new me, new EVERYTHING!!!!


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