You Contributed to me Mentally

asphyxiating explanations for retaliation and frustration but not understanding the reasoning for leaving me to misunderstand it all in the first place, tearing and struggling with each detail wanting everything to be true in fact missing the past, though the past has passed and the last was not last but when you came first there was no thirst, as a matter a fact the subtle advance and confident demand of my loyalty enjoyably surprised Independent old me leaving me standing ..I wanna say.. Not on my feet … 90 days and several mistakes pass and even though you were meant to be the past I request that you remain in my future that, I am YOURS and only yours and that you be mine and only mine… These thoughts flow so swiftly, subconsciously in love with potential. Does it exist or is it just Coincidental?Am I a want or possibly a need. Do we stand in the way of possibilities that intrigue the mind in such a way that convinces the entire mental…All focus lost every time you enter my thoughts but the craving is never met. When All I want is you… all I want is to be yours and to build you up to be the King you deserve to be.  I can’t help but notice the lack of attention and reciprocation due to my original betrayal but I remain loyal and patient..Because even if you do end up leaving me, you contributed to me mentally.


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