Clever Moments

I’ve created this page for my clever moment’s I tend to have, Mostly things I would under the normal circumstances post to facebook as a status update but instead, I will start posting my clever moments In here 🙂 Enjoy !


We both agree once we’re married there is No turning back … it’s nice taking it slow you need to know him through thick thin rich dirt poor …bad days good days dark days …alllll that … take your time … and enjoy this lifelong road … what you want can happen if you do what your supposed to do.–December 23, 2012–Tshawn    via Facebook

I will say, As a mother.. its the best thing in the world when i get that worried feeling in the pit of my stomach , to go into my lil toddler’s room and kiss her sweet soft cheeks and whisper in her ear as i know it will echo through her dreams forever “Mommy loves you “–November 3, 2012 –Tshawn via Facebook

Si’aunna just let off a long wet fart, i looked at her, she looked at me ..and this smirk creeped across her face.. she straightened it back out and continued to concentrate on the task at hand .. pooping ..LOL! #babies–November 26, 2013 –Tshawn

I honestly hate being young.. and can’t wait to be 40-65 yrs old .. why you ask? Because that is when you REAP the benefits from all the good and bad choices you made as a youngin when you have wisdom from all the information you’ve acquired .. When your kids are grown and show you , what you taught them ! I love llivin life ..but im always talkin bout how i can’t wait to be old..and that is why .. OLD people have the most fun.. —November 26, 2013–Tshawn

Once you become a mother.. You stop being the Picture.. and you start being the frame. –May 9TH 2013–Tshawn

I always form a bond, a sort of relationship with the corner store or closest gas station people to where i live. They always get to know what i want so by time i come in the store they already have my pineapple whiteowl , possible wood tip ready for me  LOL its about the small people, Last night i took 96 pennies and 1 dime to the drive thru and he actually refused my money .. Now this time i may be broke, but as much as i smoke, I’ll be back, many more times with DOLLAR BILLS and not pennies, but because im broke and you wouldn’t take my money this time, guess what.. You just lost my business. Small business survives on Regulars, If you don’t fuck with your regulars, you don’t have shit! —December 5, 2013

After a 5 hour shift standing -training as a merchandise assoc. like back stock room (Excited to lose the weight with this job) I go to pick up my babies, and one is knocked out cold.. (she later woke up and was soo excited to see me ! she missed me) And the other (Saliyah ,4) is whimpering and truly broken hearted about how we consume animal meat and doesn’t want to eat animals anymore because the animals have to be killed  Broke my heart!( she had been askin me all week where the meat came from and has NEVER liked hamburger So, I told her I would refrain from making her eat meat from now on  lol my Sagittarius ..she then cried herself to sleep …twice — December 7, 2013

all these mf’s on my TL talkin bout their haters.. are we not past this yet ? YOU DON’T HAVE ANY HATER’S !!!!!!!! and even if you do for the definition of the new trending word , STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHOSE WORRYING ABOUT YOU!!! do you the best that you and there’s no need to shout out someone whose “hating on you ” isn’t that giving them the power they want!? sheesh.. common sense people ..GET SOME! — January 10th 2014

I love how she’s trying to get control of her little hands, Keep in mind, Up until this point she has had NO control over her limbs …they just flail uncontrollably.. Now she’s starting to grab and pull things into her mouth and watch her finger’s as she makes her brain tell them to do what she wants.. I Love it ! — January 9th 2014

my poor boobs will never be the same .. never ever .. nor will my stretched out skin or single “independent” life style … I am a mom now ..and I can never be who I was before I became what I am today..  January 8th 2014

To all of you who think People DON’T change with time, or as they age you are WRONG! I am witness to a man that HAS CHANGED! Men go from being horny, disrespectful teenagers to grown men that club, and party for a few years who are starting to mature depending on their surroundings and all of it changes when they have kids, when they build their family. Women–If you don’t let your man know what’s wrong or what’s concerning you he will NEVER change his ways, he will never make an attempt to make YOU happy the way you want to be happy.. I am witness to change, and trust me it has taken a lot of time and effort and some BITCHING.. but I’m so sick of seeing people say People DON’T change.. YOUR WRONG..we all change, we all age , we all learn from our lessons and go through hard times. Please change your way of thinking. If you drop your favorite heirloom and a piece breaks off will you throw it away or get your “FIX IT tools” and FIX THAT SHIT… January 5th 2014

Saliyah is becoming extremely beautiful – startin to worry about her LIFE .. cuz it was rough for me for the first half of my life when i didn’t understand the consequences of good looks , or being pretty …LOL by time highschool hit i had confidence and knew what NOT to put up with .. She’ll know by time she starts kindergarden. —November 26th 2014

one of the sweetest feelings in the world, is watching your babies sleep. So peacefully in dream world as they’re eyes flutter… You hope they’re dreaming about sweet happy things whatever they may be in a childs mind.. but even if they aren’t pleasant dreams, you’ll be right there when they wake up in terror to comfort them and put them back to sleep peacefully to dream about how much they’re mommy/daddy loves them. –January 21st 2014

stop focusing on the broke NOBODY’S that aren’t doing shit and focus on yourself .. We are all capable of owning our own business’s ..everybody has a genius inside them, you just have to find yours~!! — January 20th 2014

Society wants things to be sugar coated .. People are shocked when i blatantly say “Yes” or “No” as my response with no explanation .. as if the blatancy was too much they almost always ask “What do you mean NO? /Yes” .. sheesh.. I am not who society want’s me to be.. and i do not like sugar-coating things unless your a child. January 20th 2014

I wanna know .. Once your kids reach the “Adult” age of 18 what do you expect? Are you planning on moving as far away as possible and being of no help to your LO’s who still need you? Or will you live right around the corner and smother them? Or.. well – what are your plans??

From my experience from being an adult, I have learned A lot from being on my own, but I’ve also learned what the true meaning of family is… I am now a strong believer that your kids should always have a bedroom in your home from the time they are young to even once they’re in their 30’s … I don’t want my kids to have to turn to anyone for help but their loving parents. You have to let your kids fall , skin their knees , and learn their lessons.. but when they get trapped because their leg is broken and they’re laying in the middle of the street begging you to help them before they get hit by a car … Should we not drag them to safety and then explain what they should do different next time? Life happens…. to you , and your kids .. do not fault them and treat them like criminals for making the same mistakes or different than you have.. January 19th 2014

That awkward moment you finally put an agitated baby to sleep and you have to slowly, quietly, inch off of the bed and tippy- toe out of the room , stopping and freezing every time the blankets crinkle or the floor creeks and looking back to see if she moved .. your being so careful that you somehow trip over the cracked laundry basket which knocks into the nightstand and knocks the lamp over which…wakes the baby ..welp .. that would deff be an awkward damn moment..  February 4th 2014

Wheeewwwww Soooooo I definitely created fear n panic all by my damn self this morning, I thought someone jacked allllll of my money before I realized that I had already hidden it from myself in my boobie baskets LOL …. I made it to tears n all, off the thought of having no money for several days…. Crap Balls isn’t even a good enough flabbergasting description for what I went through wayyy tooo early this morning LOL ..-December 10, 2014

He really called himself in my inbox light weight cussing me out for not being interested in a “Hood Ni$%^a” that claims to NOT be lame and should not be treated like a nobody when evidentially he’s somebody lol I explained to him  he failed when he made the bad decision to send me money or d#$k pics because the men who want me figure out how to subtly slide in and f$%k my mind before they ever mention money or sex… You have failed sir. Please have several seats. lol.  December 10, 2014

Worst “Conversation starter” of all time:  “Sooo what do u like to do in your free time”…….Let me break it down.. I’m 26 n have 2 lil girls to raise… Free time??? F$%k is that ?>?? I HAVE NONE!… Next question…(If you don’t want your head brutally bitten off… DON’T DO IT !!) CTFU… December 9, 2014.

Acknowledge your flaws.  Everyone has flaws.  What’s important is to understand them, acknowledge them , and address them.  December 9, 2014.

Set Big hairy audacious goals, they stretch you beyond your normal capacity.  December 9, 2014.

Get out of your Comfort zone.  Real growth comes with hard work and sweat.  Being too comfortable doesn’t help us grow- it makes us stagnate.  December 9, 2014.


Level up, Gain experience so you can be better, Stronger 🙂 . December 9, 2014.

Goal:  Overcome your fears.  All of us have fears.  Fear of uncertainty, fear of risk, fear of embarrassment,   All of our fears keep us in the same position and prevent us from growing.  Recognize that your fears reflect areas where you can grow.  December 9,2014.

People think now that I’m single.. All i’m worried about is the next man…  NO!!!! I’m single because fI need to work on ME ! Self development, Operation : Locate the real Tashonda is in motion!!!! Stop worrying about me !!! lol December 9th, 2014.


Learning, Understanding, Predicting and supporting… Self Development.  December 9th, 2014.


Trying to find Tashonda… It’s time to bring her out of the wood works n lock Tshawn up… She been up to no good lOl.  December 9, 2014.

Main thing that sucks about the seperation is…It’s like I handed him back his freedom card while mine was turned in forever lol… Anybody needs me , I’ll be mommin it.. At home… or workin… cuz that’s all I can do.  Whereas his only responsibility is to keep his job…  December 8th 2014.


I really wanna know what sense it makes for ALL doctor offices, and big businesses to close at 5…???? Like doc offices need to work in shifts just like every place else, til 9, so mfs don’t have to miss work for simple shit.  December 8th, 2014.

I hate alcohol, I don’t vibe well with ppl who drink more than smoke #thatisall .  December 8th 2014.


Sensitive guys…. I refuse to deal with you (44 likes, 25 comments) December 8th 2014.


Ohhhhhh The fuckery life puts us through.. Like I finally ahve (analogy ) the right boots and gear on, because I’m still walking through the mud.. I mean I can see the street but then I have a moment where I feel bad someone got left behind So I go back… Get stuck with them.. even if it’s quick it’s like… dammit!!!!  I’m ready to get to the road, Hop back in my car n stop helpin people who BEEN doin stupid shit.. and just DRIVE FAR far FAR away from *them*  I learned my lesson, I have what I have cuz I worked Hard! And still do…. #rantclose #sorry # awkward .  December 7th 2014.

“If a girl understands your BULLSHIT, sticks around through your mistakes, smiles even when you’ve done nothing for her, It’s obvious she’s a KEEPER.  bUT IT’S ALSO OBVIOUS you don’t deserve her !!!!. ” December 7th 2014.


“Next time you’re stressed : take a step back, inhale and laugh.  Remember who you are and why you’re here.  You’re never given anything in this world that you can’t handle.  Be strong, Be flexible , love yourself and love others .  Always remember, Just keep moving forward.  December 7th 2014.


Woken up by the sun today !!!! Annd I almost made it to 9!!! GOOOOOD MORNING!!!!! 🙂 – December 7th 2014.

Baby Faith is running around the house terrorizing and my Saliyah ma is doing the same.. I’m cooking myself breakfast for dinner #Nomnomnom #Lovebeinghomealone #Cookingagain #bacon #sausage #eggs #hawaiiansweetrolls.  December 6th 2014.


For all the fathers out there, stay in your kids lives so when they’re older you don’t have to try so hard to hide the guilt from  not being in their lives and being a good father… cuz I’m sure there is alot of guilt that comes from NOT taking care of your responsibilities especially when it comes to a human life. December 7th 2009. -Shared-reposted on December 6th 2014.


I always said i had no regrets but .. #BiggestRegretEver… Eating chips in bed …… -_-December 6th 2014.

Never REALLY start livin til you begin to die…!      Thinkin on that .   December 5th 2014.


One day ya standing in the middle of the room n ya don’t know where your going, all of a sudden your  whole life changes n life finally gives you something back… It’s been uh mean world with out ya – Nivea- Complicated- #NP – December 5th 2014.


My Life has changed though somehow it’s still so much the same.. I’m still  broken down..I need to know  where does this road go (((Hopefully somewhere for me)))) December 5th, 2014.

Everyday I age, I just want my life to change, I din been around, put away my childish things, like my attitude…. it ain good to be so rude… every year I seem to make some really bad mistakes.. I’m ready now.. I don wanna be this way.. December 5th 2014.

It’s not toooooooo hard to get my attention but boy… It’s hard to keep it, Requires Effort !   On to the NEXT !!! LOL ! December 2nd, 2014

People who can see me for me, and stick around ???? Yeah those are the people I fuck wit hard.. November 18th 2014.

This is by far thee coolest breakup that I will probably EVER go through… Idk why I’m blessed like I am but… Sheesh we both are floating around like feathers.. Thank god for compromise, Communication, and understanding not to mention both of our limitless ambition… don’t have time for the relationship but plenty of time for the girls <<<<<—-Our top priority.. #ThanksForReading lol (my business That I wanted you to know)  October 28th 2014.

Officially looking for a new job, either waitressing or bartending Smokey bones has officially burned this “employees” bridge n I’m sick of being treated like shit when I work hard and I take good care of my customers,..  As a Virgo once I don’t feel Appreciated I can no longer give my full effort….August 5th 2014.

Reflections and thoughts of all the decisions I’ve made in this life haunt me tonight, In a good way though, If I hadn’t gone through all that I have, I wouldn’t have the stories of struggle to tell. I wouldn’t be the Improved person, who is perfectly capable of choosing the right path to walk on, and continue to sweep all the dirt off the path, without a care in the world.  My life thus far could have been much worse.  I could never worry about how much better it could have been, as I am humble in knowing that it will be such an overwhelming transition, to look back and know, what I cam from, What I made it through? I am a strong , Independent woman, You cannot talk down on me or disrespect me, I am what I was not 8 years ago .  I appreciate my struggle ….. Do you? No complaints, No regrets.. Faith is on my side.,..  #MyDeclaration 😉  August 1st 2014.

Passed with FLYING colors my waitress test, so i am now an official SERVER! no one in the history of waitressing has ever been as excited as this girl right here!!! LOL no one will understand but those that are close to me.  I start tomorrow with my first 2 tables on my own 🙂 Come see me at Smokey Bones… 🙂 May 24th 2014.




Under Construction (More to come …)


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