Motherly Moments

Motherhood has already been such an amazing trip for me.  I love my girl’s so much and it’s actually funny, I thought I was having boys both times.  I also remember having a screaming fight with my mother during the puberty years declaring that “I WAS NEVER HAVING CHILDREN ” After she was trying to explain to me that I would understand what she was going through someday once I had a daughter.

I really never thought that I would ever end up being a mother In a million years, although, that was high school. We all say so many things that we will Never do when truly, we do everything we say we’ll never do.  So at age 19, I found out that after having unprotected sex with my “live in ” boyfriend that I was pregnant.  Age 20 I popped out my first little angel Saliyah Kristine Watson.  I was so overwhelmed with joy once she came out – probably more the relief of losing an immediate 25 lbs from her and all the extra water weight LOL!

We managed to protect ourselves and NOT end up in the same situation again.  I already made the decision at 6 months pregnant I wasn’t having any more kids anytime soon.  So I got the Mirena IUD.  That worked really well for almost 3 years until I was just having too many issues with it. 1  year after that, after a breakup and an unstable relationship we called ourselves “falling back in love” to the point we decided to make another baby 🙂 And I was also going through a baby fever.  My first born was 4 and didn’t cuddle anymore so Yeah.

Along came Ms. Si’Aunna Faith Watson screaming her head off to the point her dad and I had to make eye contact for an “O M G WHAT DID WE DO!!!?!?!?!?” Look,  she legitimately screamed so loud, There was no medium with this child.  When she needed anything at all WE KNEW IT! But nonetheless I love both of my girl’s so much and I’m realizing that the more we go through as parent’s It’s really great to learn something once and do it again with another baby.  Things seemed so hard in the beginning, but the second time around? Like easy like pie! Ok .. Not that easy but ..because I’ve already gone through everything I know how to prepare and have solutions for problems that have yet to occur.

I am an organized extremely neat and clean and on time type of mom.  If I were rich I would probably have everything much more organized not that money is a HUGE deal but… I just know.. My daughter has to clean her room before bedtime and all of the things that I do in general when it comes to the kids is super organized.  When I send the diaper bag I make sure it has EVERYTHING for even just in case reasons whereas the In-Laws and the man that helped me make the baby for some reason forget all of the most important things.  Which can suck for someone so high strung like me?

But, I love being a mommy, So I use this page to update about my two amazing Girls 🙂



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