Interview Me

The interview process is always the part that excites me.  I know the simple steps in order to attempt to impress someone.  So I usually just dive right in.  It’s kind of amazing how well I do at interviewing.  I love to research the company that I am interviewing for at least a day ahead of the interview or that morning.  Getting to know the key points of what this company stands for and is looking for are impressive conversation topics while interviewing.intvw

Understanding the position you are interviewing for and knowing details from your past to be able to back up your experience are keys to winning the undivided attention from the Interviewer.

They will ask you what makes you feel qualified for the position? Or Name a situation where you had to resolve a disagreement between two customers and how you handled that?  Be ready to be on your toes for questions like those.


I always have a few stories from my past job scenarios that for some reason haven’t left my memory yet, that I use over and over again, adding things and taking away things per the position or the question and the way it is being asked.

I worked for Checksmart, The Corporate Office fielding phone calls for the new Bridge Account Customer Care Team.  I received a phone call from a woman who had received one of the insight cards we were selling.  I then describe what the product was, and what the catch is and how it was affecting customers.  The woman had her check direct deposited to the card, and had already spent the credit line, and her pay check.  There was not enough money on the card, for her to go to the pharmacy and get her medicine because she had been bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider.

The woman explained she had a hole on her side, and it was full of gauze!!! She needed me to do something about there being money on her card, in order for her to purchase her medicine.  Now,  I could not calm the woman down, but I did not laugh about the situation until I disconnected the phone call.

I had to stay calm myself because she was so upset.  We could not disconnect, I felt bad for the woman but there was nothing I could do for her.  So I had to listen to her story, of how she was bitten by a brown recluse spider, and how she now has a hole in the side of her hip, full of gauze.

Just something I spit for customer service, patience comforting story if you will.  They usually ask me some unique question that helps me become personable and speak on my mothering duties or family matters.

It’s important to remain confident in anything you say and do.  Even when you mess it up.  Stay confident!  Broaden those shoulders, keep your chin up, and eyes wide open.


It’s really helpful to catch the Interviewers sense of humor.  Get them to laugh, Not knowingly of course, but add some personality to your explanations.  In the customer service world or the food industry, PERSONALITY and character are KEY!!

There will be times where you won’t get the job, but I usually remind myself that something better is coming along.  Something more beneficial, more worth my time is on its way.   Everything happens for a reason.

Sure enough, something better and more fitting always comes along.  When you interview for that one and knock it out of the park, you will understand why you weren’t called back for the other interview.

It’s always good to apply to as many jobs as you can in as many fields as you think you can manage. Being well rounded in 2017 is the best bet you can bet.  Gaining experience helps you learn and while you are learning, who knows you may just stumble right into your dream career.

Whether it be the job itself or the connections you gain just from working that one position and consistently moving in the right direction.  Networking is an awesome way to move up the ladder in any industry.  It’s not all about who you know.  But it has something to do with it!


P.s. Always be thinking while they are speaking, about a question or two to have. Make sure they are not obvious questions.  Good questions!






Understanding is Everything

Gaining knowledge is a never ending journey

You can never replicate the same mistake, just as you will never receive the same blessing twice.

Learning lessons is a part of life.

From racking up late payments to understanding obscure opinions.

Knowing the worth of one’s understanding.

Knowing your worth.

Knowing your truth

Understanding that everything happens for a reason and that everything WILL be okay.

The battle for understanding and truth.

Never let a misunderstanding be the end when things have to be understood.

Understanding wants versus needs and that the speed of everything will only matter if you do nothing!

Understanding appreciation, and value.

Knowing when you are valued and appreciated.


You Contributed to me Mentally

asphyxiating explanations for retaliation and frustration but not understanding the reasoning for leaving me to misunderstand it all in the first place, tearing and struggling with each detail wanting everything to be true in fact missing the past, though the past has passed and the last was not last but when you came first there was no thirst, as a matter a fact the subtle advance and confident demand of my loyalty enjoyably surprised Independent old me leaving me standing ..I wanna say.. Not on my feet … 90 days and several mistakes pass and even though you were meant to be the past I request that you remain in my future that, I am YOURS and only yours and that you be mine and only mine… These thoughts flow so swiftly, subconsciously in love with potential. Does it exist or is it just Coincidental?Am I a want or possibly a need. Do we stand in the way of possibilities that intrigue the mind in such a way that convinces the entire mental…All focus lost every time you enter my thoughts but the craving is never met. When All I want is you… all I want is to be yours and to build you up to be the King you deserve to be.  I can’t help but notice the lack of attention and reciprocation due to my original betrayal but I remain loyal and patient..Because even if you do end up leaving me, you contributed to me mentally.


Humble, With No Regrets.

My life was literally turned upside down, on top of my head merely a few months ago.  I had to pull every ounce of strength I never knew I had to get through the whirlwind of continuous bullshit that was thrown in my direction.

The greatest thing about strength is that it is GIVEN to you when you need it most.  It is already deep within you awaiting your toughest battles you may never see coming, but none the less, You can never reach a cap when it comes to strength. “Top off my strength, please?? ”

No one could ever understand how the internal self-prepared me for that fire, years before it ever occurred.  I had nightmares about it … I asked my mom to build me a chest for my books almost 3 months before – to receive it the night before the fire.  I had packed up some unused dishes and put them in the garage which I desperately ended up needing once I moved into my new place.

You see… I do not look at the fire as being a bad thing. I never have… Yes, It hurts to think about the loss left in that place. It hurts to think about the legal consequences due to my lack of insurance and responsibility on keeping up with the Rent.  Yes, It hurts.. to look back even in that direction of my life. It burns. It hurts.  But I can’t be upset about it. I can only be grateful.

I am grateful the universe works the way it does and gave me back every single item that I thought I had lost forever.  I was able to recover much more from my old burned up home than I ever thought I would.  I received a massive amount of donations in children’s clothes and toys.  Even clothes for myself.  My peers stepped up and helped me in many ways, just helping me to keep a strong foot on the ground was enough to push me even further into a better place.

I am grateful because where I was living before the fire was really uninhabitable, and had been.  I had an awful landlord, The house was ready to collapse anyways- built in the 1800’s it was leaning towards the street, so when you walked towards the kitchen you were walking uphill, and towards the living room, you were walking downhill, and it had issues with mold.

My new apartment is spacious, big with 2 floors and a basement.  I now have a washer and dryer and plenty of space for my little ones to run their energy out every day :).  I have a huge kitchen with plenty of pantry and cabinet space, and also, I now have a kitchen table where my daughter’s and I are making new memories.

I am humbled, I am grateful.  I will never look back on my past with regrets.  I have sealed every piece of my life with my authentic signature.  If I did anything different, If I changed one simple thing from my past, I would disappear.  I am ME because of everything I have been through.. I have made many mistakes, I have learned many lessons.  I do not give up easily, even though it always seemed like I could.  I have vastly improved from the person I started out being fresh out of high school, to the strong, loving mother of 2 that I am now.  I wouldn’t change anything, not ONE thing from my past.. and this fire. Has helped really seal the deal for WHO I am, and what I stand for.

Tattooed on my right shoulder, I will never change the statement, as I mean it with my WHOLE heart.



People keep asking how I’m doing , One time I went ahead and posted to facebook “I’m doing just damn fine!”

They care, they worry and they have no idea what I’m going through.  They also have no idea what I’ve already been through, they cannot see the mud on my knee’s from how long I’ve been walking through  these trenches as if the mud is my hometown streets.   I have learned how to deal with this same scenario.

I am building from the ground up, I have to find and do everything brand new.

I am a Virgo… I don’t really let shit hold me down for long, at the end of the day , all of my stuff is gone, but I have never been materialistic and I already had plans on being WAY AHEAD OF THE GAME … I’m not going to be SET back by this!!! This if anything this is more of a Fresh start.

It literally is a new year, new me, new EVERYTHING!!!!