Poetic Flow

From time to time My mind tends to go through time, Seeming to rhyme.  Most of the time I’m on an app on my phone and my thoughts just start to flow.  Before apps … I didn’t allow the flow.  Now It seems so natural… And When the flow begins, I place no barriers, I just type, and let it happen.



In the beginning, I told you.. I didn’t just let it happen, and if It did happen, I made apologies or excuses at the end. I want to tell young me, It was Beautiful, and I wonder what would have existed if I would have just let it happen way back then…


As I talked to myself, I told myself Practice makes perfect and after diving into watching spoken word artists, I decided I needed to up the anti.  So the flow began.



Love was the pusher to my perseverance.  Everytime someone ripped my heart out with no intention of holding it and keeping it warm, I would write.  If you deal with me, YOU will live forever through my words, Through my books… Through me.


Then I finally got over ALL the heart break and began to lick my wounds.  Healing by writing about myself, or about things going on around me.



So I created an instagram page, and unloaded all of my built up poetry there.  Now I’m doing it here. Poetry is forever, and it could be inspiration for another, It could be a message for the worried, or the clever.  Either way, I’m not afraid of others perspectives anymore.  This is my deepest contribution.